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Parshas Yisro

Zechus Refuah Sheleima: Tzvi ben Devorah

Le'iluy Nishmas: Gittel a"h bas Shraga Meir Hakohen

Le'iluy Nishmas Tziporah Chana a"h bas Yaakov Avraham Eliyahu

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Parsha Overview (Feel free to skip straight to the Party below - simply click the arrow next to this text and the overview will disappear.)

The Reunion

Yisro, the father-in-law of Moshe, together with his daughter Tziporah, and her two sons, Gershom and Eliezer, travel to meet up with Moshe in the Midbar after hearing all the miracles that had occurred.

Moshe hears that Yisro has arrived and goes to greet him. He tells him in detail all that had transpired. Yisro is full of joy when he hears all the miracles that Hashem did for them. (Rashi brings another opinion that Yisro got goosebumps on his skin from the stories!) It was a huge kiddush Hashem and Yisro proceeds to bless Hashem and His greatness, and he negates the power of Avodah Zara. He brings a Karban to Hashem and Aharon and the Zekainim come to join and eat with them.

The CEO Approach

Yisro watches Moshe the next day as he sits from morning until night and answers the questions from all the people in nation. He tells Moshe, this is not a good way to do things. You cannot do this alone! You need to create a system where there are people under you that can answer the people in groups, and they will come to you at the top when there is nobody that can answer their questions.

The judges you will appoint under need to be men of “Chayil” (Talmidei chachamim – Medrash, and wealthy – Rashi), men that fear Hashem, men of truth (reliable – Rashi), men that hate focusing on making money, and put them in charge of smaller quantities and groups of people. They will answer the questions of their groups and only what they can’t answer will come to you at the top.

Moshe listens to Yisro and institutes this new practice of judges serving the people under him. He then sends Yisro home to his land to be Megayer (convert) the rest of his family.

Preparation for Har Sinai

On the third month after they left Mitzrayim, the nation arrived in Midbar Sinai and they camped opposite the mountain. (Rashi – Like one Man with One Heart). Moshe is called up to the top of Har Sinai and told the famous Pasuk “Ko Somar LeVais Yaakov VeSagid Livnei Yisrael”. (Rashi Speak Softly to Bais Yaakov – the women and strongly to Bnai Yisrael – the men.) Tell them “You saw what I did in Mitzrayim, and I carried you on the wings of eagles to me. Now, if you keep my Torah and listen to my commandments, you will be a treasure to me, and a Mamleches Kohanim (Kingdom of princes), and a holy nation.”

Moshe tells the Zekainim (The Elders) who tell it over to the people and the people respond saying we will do whatever Hashem says. Moshe returns up the mountain to give this report to Hashem.

Hashem tells Moshe to tell the people to prepare and purify themselves for the next 3 days to hear from Hashem. They should wash their clothing and get ready to greet Hashem who will descend to the top of the mountain. (Rashi says here about the words “the eyes of all the people will see” that all the blind people and all the sick people were healed by Har Sinai.) A fence should be set up to prevent anyone from touching or ascending the mountain or they will die. It will only be safe to touch the mountain once the final long shofar sound is heard to announce that the shechina has departed from the mountain top.

When the third day arrived, they heard loud crashing thunder and saw flashes of lightning, a thick cloud upon the mountain and a loud shofar sound blasted and the entire nation trembled in fear. Moshe brought the people to the edge of the mountain. It was full of smoke and fire and the mountain shook like an earthquake. The shofar sound grew stronger and “Moshe would speak words and Hashem would answer with a voice”.

One more time Hashem calls Moshe and warns him again to warn the people and the Kohanim “DO NOT GO UP THE MOUNTAIN” because they will be destroyed. Even though Moshe says he warned them already, Hashem makes Moshe go back down to give the warning again.

The Aseres HaDibros

Hashem begins to call out the ten commandments.

1. I am Hashem that brought you out of Mitzrayim, out of slavery.

2. You should not serve any foreign gods or carved idols or images that resemble the heavens the earth or below in the sea. Don’t bow to any of these.

3. Do not say Hashem’s name in vain.

4. Remember the day of Shabbos and keep it holy. Work for 6 days but stop on the 7th day, you and all your family and possessions because for 6 days Hashem created the sky and land and on the 7th day He rested.

5. Honor your father and mother so that you will live long.

6. Do not murder.

7. Do not commit adultery (marry women that are already married).

8. Do not steal (Kidnap – Rashi).

9. Do not be a false witness.

10. Do not be jealous and want to have your friend’s house, his wife, and all that’s his.

All the people saw the sounds (Lots of discussion on this!) and the flames and they trembled and stood from afar. They begged Moshe to speak in place of Hashem as they couldn’t handle the overwhelming noise with the voice of Hashem. Moshe tells them not to be afraid as Hashem just wants them to fear Him.

2 Mitzvos

1. Moshe approaches into the dark cloud and Hashem tells him to warn the people not to make gods of silver and gold.

2. He tells them when they make a mizbayach it should not be with stones cut from a sword or iron and there should not be steps to go up to it so as not to cause skin to be revealed as they go up steps.

(Adapted partially from, and The Pesukim and Rashi)

And now for the fun part



  • Shooter candy

  • Cherry Sours

  • Candy Brix

  • TidBitz

  • Winkies Money Rolls

  • Dunkees / Spray Candy

  • Mini chocolate chips / little cupcakes

  • Mazel Tov Candies

  • Heart Candies

  • Dark chocolate /Dark Chocolate Smores / Dark Chocolate Peanut butter cups

  • Fruit Roll

  • Aleph Beis Cookies

  • Fruit by the Foot

  • Popping Candy

  • Bazooka Gum / Atomic candies / Zingers

  • Winkie Rockets

  • Jaw Breakers

  • Meltaway cake

  • Rainballs

  • Lipstick Candy / Lady Fingers/ Lady Stella cookies

  • Fruity Peak

  • Choco NoNos

  • Donuts

  • Must Candy

  • Double Bubble

  • Cotton Candy

  • Zillions

  • Candy Canes

  • Hot Tomales / Fire Blasters / Candy Corn

  • Lip Candies

  • Torah Oodles or Chocolates / Torah Candy Gel

  • Dazzlers / Wowzers

  • Licorice Twists

  • Dr Pepper

  • Whistle candy

  • Windmill candy

  • Green Soursticks and Flower Cookies Chocolate leaves (According to some – though seeking source)

  • Gold and silver coins

  • Tools Chocolates (If Dairy make sure to use before the meal)


Shooter candy – Medrash that Yisro Shot an arrow with a note to Moshe to let him know he arrived

Cherry Sours – Goosebumps that Yisro had when he heard the miracles

Candy Brix – Yisro brought a karban to Hashem

TidBitz – Yisro gave Tidbitz of advice on how to judge the whole nation

Winkies Money Rolls – The judges appointed under Moshe needed to be wealthy and hate money

Dunkees / Spray Candy – The people need to dunk into water and spray and wash themselves before Har Sinai

Mini chocolate chips / little cupcakes– Har Sinai was the smaller mountain

Mazel Tov Candies – Matan Torah was a marriage between Hashem and the Yidden

Heart Candies – They camped like one man with one heart

Dark chocolate /Dark Chocolate Smores / Dark Chocolate Peanut butter cups – The clouds and dark storms as Hashem approached Har Sinai

Fruit Roll Ups – Hashem gave the Torah that we Roll up

Aleph Beis Cookies – The letters of the Aseres Hadibros (according to some were visible in the air)

Fruit by the Foot – The people had to stay at the foot of the mountain and could not come closer

Popping Candy – The popping thunderous sounds at Har Sinai

Bazooka Gum / Atomic candies / Zingers– The Wild Bazooka Atomic zinger sounds that were heard at Har Sinai

Winkie Rockets – Noises like rockets were shooting through the sky by Har sinai

Jaw Breakers – The earth was breaking and quaking by Har Sinai

Meltaway cake – The earth crumbled and shook leaving the people melting in fear

Rainballs – There was storm raining down by Har SInai

Lipstick Candy / Lady Fingers/ Lady Stella cookies – Ko Somar Levais Yaakov – the ladies

Fruity Peak – Moshe went to the peak of the mountain where Hashem descended

Choco NoNos – The Aseres Hadibros (No No No…)

Donuts – The Aseres Hadibros (Do Not…)

Must Candy – The Aseres Hadibros (You must keep Shabbos and honor your parents)

Double Bubble – The Aseres Hadibros were also written on double tablets (luchos)

Cotton Candy – The clouds that covered Har Sinai

Zillions – All the zillions of neshamas that ever exist were at Har Sinai

Candy Canes – All the sick people were healed at Har Sinai

Hot Tomales / Fire Blasters / Candy Corn – The mountain was full of smoke and fire

Lip Candies – Do not say Hashem’s name in vain

Torah Oodles or Chocolates / Torah Candy Gel – They received the Torah on Har Sinai

Dazzlers / Wowzers – The people and the whole world were dazzled and wowed by the noises and power at Har Sinai

Licorice Twists – The fences around the mountain

Dr Pepper – Hashem healed the sick people

Whistle candy – The shofar sounded at Har Sinai

Windmill candy – The wind was blowing with clouds by Har Sinai

Green Soursticks and Flower Cookies Chocolate leaves (According to some – though seeking source) – The greenery, flowers, and leaves at the foot of the mountain

Gold and silver coins – Don’t make idols of gold and silver

Tools Chocolates (If Dairy make sure to use before the meal) – Stones for mizbayach can’t be cut with iron tools


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Have a wonderful Shabbos!


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