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Parshas Ve'eschanan

Zechus Refuah Sheleima: Tzvi ben Devorah -( B"H Tzvi is almost completely better though we were told to keep him on the list for tefilos)

Le'iluy Nishmas: Gittel a"h bas Shraga Meir Hakohen

Le'iluy Nishmas Tziporah Chana a"h bas Yaakov Avraham Eliyahu

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Parsha Overview (Feel free to skip straight to the Party below - simply click the arrow next to this text and the overview will disappear

In Sefer Devarim – also called Mishna Torah - Moshe Rabeinu recounts what happened in the Torah from the previous Sefarim for the generation that is about to enter the land of Eretz Yisrael and gives them many new Mitzvos as well. His Speech takes place for thirty six days straight - right before he passes away.


Moshe Rabeinu Prays to go into Eretz YIsrael

Ve’eschanan begins with Moshe telling the people that he davened, begged, and pleaded with Hashem in every way possible to allow him to enter Eretz Yisrael. He tells Hashem “You began to show me your mighty hand and nobody is as Mighty as you! Please let me see the good land, The mountain of Yerushalayim, and the Levanon – Bais Hamikdosh.” He davened with all his might. According to the Medrash he said 515 tefilos – the Gematria of Ve’eschanan. It was too much for the Heavens to bare and the decree was final.

So, Hashem told Moshe he must stop davening.

However, Hashem did allow Moshe to see the land from on top of Mount Nevo. He was told to ascend the mountain and look in all directions where he will be able to see the entire land. Then, afterwards, he must command Yehoshua to lead the nation into the land and divide it up. Yehoshua should be prepared for the hardships of leading the people but not be discouraged as Hashem would be with him.

Moshe Warns the Nation to keep the Mitzvos

The people are warned to listen and keep all the mitzvos.

They must not add anything on to the mitzvah or take away from the Mitzvah. Rashi explains as an example not to add a 5th section to tefillin instead of 4 sections, and not to take 5 minim with the Lulav instead of 4.

Moshe tells them, “You all saw what Hashem did to the people that served the Baal Peor. But those that stuck with Hashem merited to live. When you keep the mitzvos, studying the Torah and doing the Mitzvos, then the other nations will look at you with respect and awe at what an awesome nation you are.

But be careful not to forget the mitzvos!!!”

Moshe reminds them about Har Sinai

He tells them, “You stood by Har Sinai (Chorev) and the mountain burned with fire up to the sky and there was heavy darkness with a cloud. Hashem spoke to you from the fire and you heard his voice so powerful even though you saw nothing. He called out to you the Aseres Hadibros which were inscribed into the Luchos. And you learned all the laws to keep when you get to the land of Eretz Yisrael”

Do not carve out forms or serve any idols

Moshe continues the message that must be repeated countless times not to follow the ways of the people of the land that serve Avoda Zara. Be very careful not to make any image or form of male or female for Avodah Zara. Not to make an image of any animal or bird or creepy crawly or fish to serve as an idol. And do not lift your eyes up to the sun moon or stars and start serving them.

Hashem took you out of the Kur HaBarzel – the iron smelting pot – known as Mitzrayim, to be a nation for him. He continues, “Then Hashem got angry with me (Moshe) because of your deeds and decreed that I needed to die on this side of the Yarden.” (The decree was so strong that even Moshe’s bones did not merit to cross and be buried in the land. – Rashi). He continues, “But you will merit to cross into and inherit the land. Be careful for if you do make images to serve then Hashem is like a consuming fire and zealous G-d and will punish.”

Moshe knew that their future generations would be corrupt and serve idols and he tells them that when they do serve Avodah Zara, the sky and land are witness that they will be lost from their land and scattered throughout the nations.

And then you will look for Hashem and do teshuva in the end of days. Hashem is merciful and won’t destroy you. He accepts Teshuva.

Hashem Loves the Jewish People!

Did anyone besides the Jewish people hear the voice of Hashem and experience the great miracles? He did all this for the Avos because He loved them and their children! And He will drive out the nations from the land for you. Know in your heart that Hashem is the only One and keep His mitzvos to prolong your days on earth.

Moshe sets up 3 cities of refuge

Moshe establishes the 3 Arei Milkat – cities of refuge - for an accidental murderer to escape to on the Ever Hayarden. However, they will only be active as an Ir Miklat once the Arei Miklat in the Main land are established – Rashi.

Moshe reviews the Aseres Hadibros

Moshe goes over the Aseres Hadibros with the people.

1. I am Hashem.

2. Do not worship idols etc.

3. Do not say Hashem’s name in vain.

4. Keep Shabbos

5. Honor your parents

6. Do not murder

7. Do not commit adultery

8. Do not steal

9. Do not be a false witness

10. Do not desire your neighbors’ possessions

The Overwhelming power of Hashem

The voice of Hashem was too powerful and strong through the fire that it emanated from. According to the Medrash, the people died and were revived twice from the power of it all. The leaders came to Moshe afraid that they would die for good and asked Moshe to instead listen to the laws from Hashem for them and then teach it to the people. Hashem was happy with their request and satisfied that they had the fear of Shamayim. He sent them home to their tents while He taught the laws to Moshe. They must keep the laws exactly as taught if they want good and long lives.

The Shema – Hashem is ONE

The pesukim read out the first paragraph of Shema.

Shema Yisrael Hashem Elokeinu Hashem Echad –there is a mitzva to proclaim both morning and night that Hashem is One.

Ve’Ahavta Es Hashem Elokecha – we are given a mitzvah to Love Hashem in our hearts, with our souls, with all our money.

We must teach it to our children constantly when we sit in our house, when we travel on the road, when we go to sleep and when we wake up.

We must write it in the tefillin that we wear on our hands and our hands as sign between us.

And we must write it on the mezuzos of our doorposts.

Don’t forget Hashem and recognize how grateful you need to be

When you come to the land, and enter into cities that you didn’t build, and houses that you didn’t fill yourselves, and vineyards that you didn’t plant etc…. DO NOT forget Hashem who brought you out of Mitzrayim and gave it all to you.

Again, the people are warned not to serve Avodah Zara and to keep the mitzvos and do what’s right and always remember that Hashem brought us out of slavery in Mitzrayim.

When you come to the land, Hashem will get rid of the 7 nations and give them over to your hands and you need to destroy them.

Do Not Intermarry with them. They will lead you astray.

Get rid of their Avodah Zara alters and Matzevos and Ashir trees and burn their images. Because you are holy people and Hashem chose you to be his treasure. Don’t think it is because you are mighty and many people for you are small in number.

But it is because Hashem Loves You and keeps his promise to you. He rewards those who keep His Mitzvos for a thousand generations and more and repays bad for those who hate Him and causes them to perish.

(Adapted partially from, and The Pesukim and Rashi and Medrash Says)

And now for the fun part



  • · Fruity Peak

  • · Go Go candies

  • · Kango Gum

  • · Dazzlers

  • · Mini Cupcakes

  • · Heart Lollies and Heart Candies

  • · Fire Blast

  • · Cotton Candy

  • · Torah Oodles or squeeze gel

  • · Wowzer

  • · Gummy Bears or any Gummy Shapes

  • · Gummy Bones

  • · Hand Candies (Like 123 Shoots or Hand paper scizzors candies)

  • · Fidget Spinner Candies

  • · Take Ten Cookies/biscuits

  • · Must Candy

  • · Donuts

  • · Shock Pops

  • · Take Ten

  • · Alef Bais Taffies or cookies

  • · Brownie squares

  • · Dollar Candies

  • · Dubble Bubble

  • · Licorice twists or Laces or sour belts or sour sticks


Fruity Peak – Hashem did not listen to Moshe’s pleading tefilos to go into Eretz Yisrael but He allowed him to see the land by going on the mountain peak of Har Nevo and seeing it from a distance

Go Go candies / Kango Gum/Dazzlers – Moshe davened 515 different tefilos (gematria of Ve’eschanan) to convince Hashem that he “Can Go” into Eretz Yisrael. He dazzled Hashem with every possible Tefila to convince Him until Hashem told him he must stop because the decree must remain.

Mini Cupcakes – Moshe reminds the people of when Hashem spoke to them from Har Sinai (Chorev) and gave them the Aseres Hadibros

Fire Blast and Cotton Candy– Hashem appeared to the people through Fire – and they heard His voice but did not see Him through fire at Har Sinai. There were dark clouds covering the mountain.

Torah Oodles or squeeze gel – If you keep the Mitzvos and learn the Torah the other nations will have respect for you but be careful not to forget the mitzvos! Also the Aseres Hadibros are reviewed

Gummy Bears or any Gummy Shapes – They are warned again and again that when they come to the land they should not carve out shapes to serve as Avodah Zara

Gummy Bones – Even Moshe’s bones were not zocheh to go into the land while the bones of Yosef were. This was one of Moshe’s pleas to Hashem

Wowzer – Did anyone else besides the Jewish people experience the great miracles? No only The Avos and their children because Hashem Loves Us!

Heart Lollies and Heart Candies – Hashem did so many miracles for us because He loves us. Also Ve’ahavta Es Hashem from Shema that we must love Hashem with our hearts.

Hand Candies (Like 123 Shoots or Hand paper scizzors candies) – Shema Yisrael – we say Hashem is One and cover our eyes with our hand. Also for Tefillin shel Yad.

Fidget Spinner Candies – Moshe established the Arei Miklat on the Ever Hayarden although they will not be active until the ones in the Main land of Eretz Yisrael are active. The Ir Miklat is where the accidental murderers must run and remain as long as the Kohen Gadol is alive to protect their own life. It can be a long time – hence the fidget spinner

Take Ten Cookies – The Aseres Hadibros are reviewed

Alef Bais Taffies or cookies – The Aseres Hadibros

Must Candy – The Aseres Hadibros tell us what we must do

Donuts – The Aseres Hadibros tell us Do Not do….

Shockpops – Hashem’s voice was too powerful for the people. Some midrashim say they died and had to be brought back to life. The leaders begged Moshe to take over and teach them the laws through him

Dollar Candies – In shema it says love Hashem bechol Meodecha – which is explained as with all your money

Dubble Bubble – Vehayu LeTotafos – is explained as Tot and Fus which are languages meaning 2 and 2 referring to Tefillin shel Rosh

Brownie squares – You can make tefillin out of them using sour belts as straps – In Shema which is in the parsha it talks about tying tefillin on hand and head

Licorice twists or Laces or sour belts or sour sticks – As the straps of tefillin which is mentioned in Shema in this Parsha

While I do not have any candy connection for the following – I do want to share that one of my favorite and most cherished words of the Torah are in this Parsha. They are what helps us in every possible situation we are in and we must focus on them through the happy times and the sad times and all times in between. The words are EIN OD MILVADO!

There are definitely more great ideas.... let's get some more please!!!


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Have a wonderful Shabbos!




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