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Parshas Vayishlach

Zechus Refuah Sheleima: Tzvi ben Devorah

Le'iluy Nishmas: Gittel a"h bas Shraga Meir Hakohen


Parsha Overview (Feel free to skip straight to the Party below - simply click the arrow next to this text and the overview will disappear.)

Yaakov returns to Eretz Canaan. He sends messengers / Mal’achim ahead of him to greet his brother Esav and try to appease him. He says “Im Lavan Garti” I lived with Lavan like a stranger (and kept the Taryag Mitzvos – Rashi). I amassed wealth and am coming to appease you. The messengers return saying Esav is coming with 400 men towards you as if ready to fight. Yaakov is afraid and he divides his family and flock into two camps.

He prepares for the encounter in 3 ways. With a gift, prepares for war, and davens to Hashem to save him and his family. He sends 3 groups with gifts ahead of him. Then at night he takes his family and crosses over the Yabbok River. He went back alone to get some small jars and jugs that he left behind. “Vayevaser Yaakov Levado” – while Yaakov was there alone an angel in disguise as a man (He was the malach of Esav) started to wrestle with him until the morning. The angel/man dislocates Yaakov’s hip as Yaakov is overcoming him. He gives Yaakov the new name Yisrael. Yaakov names the place Peniel and when the sun rises he limps on his way. Because of this encounter we are forbidden to eat the “Gid Hanasheh” – the hip of an animal.

Yaakov sets up his wives and children to greet Esav and he goes in front of them bowing to the ground seven times as he approaches Esav. Esav runs to greet him, hugs him, falls on his neck, and kisses him. According to the Medrash he tried bite Yaakov’s neck but Hashem made it hard like a rock. Esav inquires about all the women and children and they come and bow before him. Yaakov attempts to have Esav keep the gifts to which Esav replies “Yesh li Rav” – I have a lot already. Yaakov responds “Yesh li kol” – I have everything that Hashem knows I need already. Esav wants to travel alongside Yaakov who convinces him not to as they will be going slow at child’s pace. Esav goes on his way to Seir and Yaakov travels to Sukkos where he settles.

Yaakov goes to the land Shechem and his daughter Dina wanders around She is kidnapped by the prince also named Shechem, the son of Chamor, and he violates her. Shechem decides he wants to marry her and his father tries to convince Yaakov to agree. Meanwhile, Dina’s brothers Shimon and Levi devise a plan. They trick all the people of the city that they will let them marry Yaakov’s family if they all do a bris milah. They agree and when they are recovering from the milah, the brothers go and kill all the men and take the wealth and booty. Yaakov is upset at their actions.

Hashem tells Yaakov to return to Beis-El to build a Mizbeyach. The Pasuk tells us here that Devorah, the nursemaid of Rivka, passes away. Rashi says that this is here to tell us that Rivka had sent Devorah to tell Yaakov to return home from Lavan.

Hashem appears to Yaakov and tells him his name is now Yisrael. He tells him that he will be fruitful and multiply and kings will come from him. Yaakov goes on his way towards Ephras when suddenly Rochel gives birth to a son and she dies. She calls him Ben Oni – the son of my pain. Yaakov names him Binyamin. He is the 12th shevet born. Yaakov buries her there and sets up a monument (which today is Kever Rochel).

The Pesukim list off the Shevatim. Yaakov goes to see his father who dies at 180. Yaakov and Esav bury him in Me’aras Hamachpela. Next the Pesukim go on to list the descendants of Esav and the land of Edom. . (Adapted partially from In a Nutshell by and The Medrash says)

And now for the fun part


Esav comes with 400 Men marching towards Yaakov

  • 400 Jelly Beans (Thanks to the person that sent this in!)

  • Fruit by the foot

Yaakov Kept Garti/Taryag Mitzvos

  • Torah Oodles

Yaakov crossed the Yabbok River with his family

  • Blue sippies or sour sticks or Blue Candies

  • Blue Powerade/Gatorade

Yaakov returns to get jugs and bottles he left behind

  • Fizzy bottles

Hashem brings out the sun to heal Yaakov

  • Sun cups

  • Sunkist soda or candies

Yaakov divides his family into 2 camps

  • Pull and peel

  • Double Taffy

  • Black and white cookies

Yaakov tells Esav he amassed much wealth by Lavan and wants to give to Esav

  • Winkie money rolls

  • Chocolate gelt

  • Gelt taffy

  • Dollar candy

  • Jewel pops

  • Gempops

Yaakov dazzles Esav with gifts to appease him

  • Dazzlers

  • Candy platter gift for simcha

  • Sour belts – gift ribbons

  • Brownie bars with sprinkles

  • (Baking idea) Gift box shaped deserts – cookie/cake squares or rice crispy treat squares wrapped with a sour stick or lasso candy bow

He sends the gifts ahead in three groups

  • Triple dippers

  • Trios cookies (similar to Oreos)

Yaakov replies to Esav "Yesh Li Kol"

  • Cola Candy

Esav hugs Yaakov and attempts to bite his neck

  • Huggy Bears

  • Fruit bites

  • Bite Go candy

Yaakov tells Esav not to walk together because he is going at kids pace

  • Kids mix jelly belly

  • Lotus Cookies - Esav says Let us (Lot us) walk together :)

Hashem tells Yaakov he will be fruitful and multiply before Binyomin is born

  • Fruit snacks

  • Fruit sticks

  • Fruit chews

  • Fruzips

  • Candy fruits

Baby Binyamin is born to Rochel before she dies

  • Baby bites

  • Pacifier candy

Yaakov goes to Bais El to build Mizbeyach

  • Candy brix – mizbayach

  • GoGos

There are 12 Shevatim

  • 12 pack smiley cupcakes

We would love to hear your additional ideas in the comments below!

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Have a wonderful Shabbos!


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Devorah @ Parsha Party
Devorah @ Parsha Party
Dec 09, 2022

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Devorah @ Parsha Party
Devorah @ Parsha Party
Dec 09, 2022

Devorah @ Parsha Party
Devorah @ Parsha Party
Dec 09, 2022
Replying to

Saw this in the store and thought it would be cute for the fight that Yaakov had with Esavs malach. Also blue for the Yabbok river.


Devorah @ Parsha Party
Devorah @ Parsha Party
Dec 08, 2022

A follower sent in:

Thank you for all those ideas and awesome site! We just subscribed and looking forward to start:) We ll do blueberries when Yaakov crosses the yabok… we re trying to think of healthy treats.. kol tov and yashar koach!


Devorah @ Parsha Party
Devorah @ Parsha Party
Dec 08, 2022

A follower sent in: We use candy corn as Esav's teeth on Yaakovs neck!


Devorah @ Parsha Party
Devorah @ Parsha Party
Dec 07, 2022

A follower sent in: I use the large, very hard jaw breakers for the medrash about how Yaakov's neck turned to stone

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