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Parshas Vayera


Parsha Overview (Feel free to skip straight to the Party below - simply click the arrow next to this text and the overview will disappear.)

In the previous parsha, Avraham gives himself a Bris Milah as commanded by Hashem at the age of 99. Now, Hashem appears to Avraham on the third day to do Bikkur Cholim. Avraham was distraught that no visitors had come to him during this time of healing as he loves to have guests. He had a tent open on all four sides to welcome guests at every entrance. But now Hashem had caused the sun to shine strongly making the weather extremely hot so that people would not pass by and disturb Avraham after his bris milah. Hashem himself came to Avraham instead. But when He saw that Avraham wished to have guests, He sent 3 malachim disguised as passerby and Avraham runs out to greet them. Avraham has them wash the dirt off their feet and invites them in for bread. He prepares a lavish meal for them with a cow and serves them tongue. He also serves cream and milk. One of the malachim informs him that in a year Sarah will give birth to a son and Sarah laughs when she hears this because they are old.

Next the malachim are headed to destroy Sodom for their horrible ways. Hashem tells Avraham this plan to destroy Sodom and Avraham davens to Hashem to find tzaddikim worthy to save the city. Sadly, there weren’t even 10 tzadikkim to save them. When the Malachim arrive in Sodom, Lot invites them to his home thinking that they are regular people even though inviting guests is a capital crime in Sodom. He serves them Matzah and a whole feast. The people of Sodom find out and gather around Lot’s house and demand that he gives the guests into their hands but Lot refuses to do so. A neis happens and the people are turned blind and unable to hurt Lot or his guests. The malachim stretch out their hands and pull Lot inside to safety and tell him they are there to destroy the city and save his family. They are sent to run for their lives and commanded not to look back as the city is destroyed but Lots wife does not listen and she looks and is turned into a pillar of salt. (The medrash says that she had informed her neighbors of the guests arrival as she went to borrow salt). Hashem rains down fire and ashes on the city and turns the whole city upside down. Lot and his daughters hide in a cave while the city is destroyed. Lots daughters then have 2 sons, Moav and Ben-Ammi (Ammon).

Meanwhile, Avraham and Sarah move to the city of Gerar and the King Avimelech takes Sarah away to his palace. He was told that Avraham was the brother of Sarah in order to save Avraham’s life. Hashem appears to Avimelech in a dream and tells him that Sarah is married to Avraham and he must return her to Avraham. Avimelech wakes up frightened and returns her to Avraham.

Hashem remembers his promise to Sarah and she has a son named Yitzchak – which means will laugh. Yitzchak is given a Bris Mila at 8 days old. Sarah is 90 and Avraham is 100. There is a medrash that Yitzchak looked like an exact copy of Avraham for anyone that would say he wasn’t his father.

Yishmael was not behaving nicely and Sara is not happy about this and wants to send him away. Hashem tells Avraham “Shema Bekola” – listen to what she says (yes this is where it is! 😊 ) Hagar and Yishmael are sent away from Avrahams home to the desert and Yishmael almost dies there. Hashem hears YIshmael crying and saves his life showing his mother a well and his life is saved

Avimelech makes a treaty with Avraham at Beer Sheva where Avraham gives him seven sheep as a sign.

Hashem gives Avraham his final and hardest test and tells him to bring his son Yitzchak as a karban on Har Hamoriah. Yitzchak is tied up and prepared to be sacrificed. Avraham raises the knife and the malachim cried tears that fell into Yitzchaks eyes according to the medrash these tears led him to later lose his eyesight. Hashem calls out for Avraham to stop and instead to bring a ram in his place as a Karban. After Avraham passes this test, Hashem reassures him once again that his children will multiply like the stars and the sand.

Rivka is born at the end of this Parsha.

(Adapted partially from In a Nutshell by and The Medrash says)

And now for the fun part


The Medrash says that Sarah Had 3 special Brachos: Cloud on her tent, the candles burned weekly, there was bracha in her dough.

  • Cotton Candy for clouds

  • Candy Corn for flames

  • Braided Pretzels or edible cookie dough

4 Door tents for chessed

  • “Door”itos

Avraham loved to do Kindness

  • Kind bars – there is a kids version chocolate chip and peanut butter chocolate chip

Hashem made it so Hot outside so nobody will come

  • Red hots

  • Hot Tomales

  • Hot Chips

  • Hot salsa and chips

  • Hot and spicy dips

  • SunCups Dark Chocolate

Hashem does Bikkur Cholim

  • Gift Box of chocolates – (can turn this into a discussion about Bikkur cholim and sending get well gifts) - PC POPS is a great place to get this!

Avraham serves the guests a meal with tongue, cream and milk

  • Fruit by the foot - washing feet

  • Ice "cream" (pareve options)

  • Tongue at your meal or sour belts hanging like tongues out of the kids mouths

  • Elite Dark Chocolate with picture of cow (I am having a hard time finding in stores, possibly due to a recall this year).

  • NoCow Protein bars

Sarah Laughs when she hears she will have a baby at 90

  • Laffy Taffy

  • Smirk Bars (Dairy – save for Melave Malka)

Lots wife becomes a pillar of salt

This ones a good one for those that don't use candy!

  • Salty crackers

  • Salty pretzels

  • Salty popcorn

  • Salty chips (Pop Corners or Boom chica pop chips are great too!)

  • Salty nuts (peanuts, mixed nuts, cashews, pistachios, etc)

  • Salt water taffy (can also be used for tears in Yitzchaks eyes – Thank you Esti K., Linda, and T. Cohen)

People of Sodom are wicked and destroyed with fire

  • Wicked Dark Chocolate

  • Atomic Fireball candy (check for hechsher)

  • Fireblast or bomb spray candy

  • Rock candy – the city is overturned into a heap of rocks

  • Soda (for Sodo'm)

The Malachim stretch out their hands to save Lot from Sodom

  • Sour belts or any stretchy rope candy.

Sarah has baby at 90

  • Baby bottle candy

  • Pacifier candy

  • Sippies

  • Mazel Tov coins

  • Candy canes – she is old to have a baby

Avraham gives sheep to Avimelech

  • Mini marhsmallows – can make little sheep out of them

Akeidas Yitzchak

  • Dunkees – (Avrahams Donkey. Also the sticks can be the sticks that Yitzchak was tied to)

  • Brick candy – mizbeach

  • Cry Baby gum – tears from Malachim

  • Any leftover Star candy or treats from last week can work for this week as well as Hashem promises after the Akeida that they will be many like the stars

We would love to hear your additional ideas in the comments below! Don't be shy.

Feel free to share pictures of dessert ideas as well.

And of course tell us your favorite noshes from this weeks Parsha party!

Have a wonderful Shabbos!



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