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Parshas Tzav

Zechus Refuah Sheleima: Tzvi ben Devorah

Le'iluy Nishmas: Gittel a"h bas Shraga Meir Hakohen

Le'iluy Nishmas Tziporah Chana a"h bas Yaakov Avraham Eliyahu

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Parsha Overview (Feel free to skip straight to the Party below - simply click the arrow next to this text and the overview will disappear

As this week is practically Erev Pesach - Either look for Kosher for Pesach Options or Use this week's list more as a guessing game if you would like to avoid bringing in more chometz and nosh to the house!


Tzav means Command. Moshe is told to command Aharon and his sons what to do as Kohanim, bringing Karbanos in the Mishkan.

-The laws of bringing the Olah that is completely burnt on the Mizbayach. First the Kohen puts on his linen clothing. Then he removes the ashes and puts them next to the Mizbayach. He changes into regular clothes to bring the ashes outside the camp.

-A fire must be burning at all times on the Mizbayach.

-For the Karban Mincha – The kohen lifts a fist full of flour with oil and spices and burns it on the Mizbayach. The leftovers, the kohanim can eat as Matzos – not as Chometz. Every male Kohen can partake in eating the mincha.

-On the day that a kohen is anointed he needs to bring a Karban Mincha. Half of it is brought in the morning and half in the evening. It is made with oil, on a shallow pan, and hot water is poured over the dough and then it is baked and broken up or folded up. The Mincha brought by a kohen is completely burnt and not eaten.

-The Karban Chatas is slaughtered in the same place as the Karban Olah. The Kohen that brings the Chatas must eat it in a holy place in the courtyard of the Ohel Moed.

-Anything that the Karban Chatas touches gets Kedusha and must be treated as such.

-If it was cooked in a Keli Cheres – earthenware vessel – the vessel needs to be broken because the food gets absorbed into that material. However, if it was cooked in a copper or metal vessel it can be purged and rinsed with water.

-Every male Kohen can eat from it and it is Kodesh Kedashim.

-If the blood of a Karban Chatas was brought from the outside Mizabayach into the Ohel Moed – it renders the Karban invalid and can not be eaten. Instead burn it in the fire.

- The Karban Asham should be brought in the same place as the Karban Olah. The blood should be sprayed on the Mizbayach. All the parts and the kishkas are burned on the Mizbayach and any male Kohen can eat it in a holy place.

-The kohen that brings a Karban Olah for someone, the skin of the Karban belongs to him.

-The Kohen that brings the Karban Mincha, the mincha belongs to him.

-A Karban Shelamim Todah animal – brought for thanking Hashem for a miracle or for saving a person from a dangerous situation, is brought together 4 types of challos: Matzos mixed with oil, Wafers mixed with oil, scalded flour mixed with oil, and a challah that is Chometz. The blood is dashed on the Mizbayach.

Some examples of people that would bring this Karban Todah.

1. Someone that traveled overseas and returned safely

2. Someone that crossed a dessert safely

3. Someone that was in prison and released

4. Someone that was sick and recovered

All of these people must give thanks to Hashem for His kindness. Today we bench Gomel as we do not have karbanos.

-Some of the Karban is given to the Kohen and his family to eat and the rest is given to the owner who must be Tahor when eating it.

-The Karban should be eaten all that day and not left over for the morning.

-If the Karban Shelamim was instead for a promise he made to bring a karban, or for a voluntary donation, it doesn’t require a bread and can be eaten for 2 days. Whatever is leftover after that is burnt on a fire.

-If someone eats from the Karban on the third day, he makes the whole Karban invalid and it is not accepted and he gets an Avaira.

-If the flesh of the Karban touches anything that is Tameh, it cannot be eaten and must be burned.

-Anyone that is Tahor can eat the flesh of the Karban.

-If someone eats from the Karban while he is Tameh, he gets Kares – His soul cut off.

-The fats of the animals brought as a Karban may not be eaten. If someone eats them, they get Kares.

-The fats of a Nevaila animal or Traifah animal can be used for work but not be eaten.

-You should not eat any blood from birds or animals. One who does eat blood gets Kares.

-Anyone that brings a Karban Shelamim, his hands should be on the Karban on top while the Kohens hands should be under it. They wave around the Karban together.

Aharon and his sons are anointed

Moshe is told to take Aharon and his sons (using words – persuade them to come – Rashi) along with their clothing and oil to anoint them and animals for a karban and a basket of Matzos, and bring them in front of all the people to the opening of the Ohel Moed / Mishkan. Moshe washes them with water and placed the clothing of the Kohen Gadol on Aharon. He took the anointing oil and poured it over the Mishkan and everything in it. He sprinkled it on the Mizbayach 7x. He poured from the oil on Aharon’s head to anoint him. Then Moshe dresses Aharon’s sons in their clothing. They all put their hands on the cow for the Karban Chatas while Moshe shechted it and brought it on the Mizbayach. Then they brought 2 rams as Karbanos. The first one he brought up as a karban on the Mizbayach. Then he took the second ram and he took from the blood and put it on Aharon’s right ear and right thumb and right big toe. He did this to the other Kohanim as well. Then he took the parts of the Karban with some of the oily bread and put the hands of Aharon and his sons on it together and waved it around. He then brought it up on the Mizbayach.

Moshe anointed the Kohanim and their clothing and he told them to eat from the Karbanos and the bread they just brought.

They were told to remain in the Mishkan for 7 days of inauguration, and this is what they did..

(Adapted partially from, and The Pesukim and Rashi)

And now for the fun part



If you have any left - first Look through your leftover Mishloach Manos and see if you can find any of these! You can also check if you can find a Kosher for Pesach Version of any of these in stores if you are done with Chometz.

  • BBQ chips

  • Candy Corn

  • Crumbled brownies

  • Wafers

  • Fried treats

  • Sprinkle Cookies

  • Crushed candies

  • Red Powerade

  • Fruit leather

  • Animal cookies

  • Jelly Belly

  • Fizzy bottles

  • Yellow Jump Drink or Apple Juice

  • Gushers

  • Fruit Nuggets

  • Candy Watches

  • Candy bricks

  • Mentos / Baby Fingers

  • FruZips

  • Blaz N Blast Spray

  • Drizzlicious

  • Carbonated Drinks (Soda, Seltzer)

  • Lip Candy

  • Pesach Candy


BBQ chips - Karbanos

Candy Corn – Fire from Karbanos

Crumbled brownies – Ashes that the kohen has to remove (you can get Pesachdik Brownies and crumble them and even sprinkle over ice cream).

Wafers – The Karban was brought with 4 types of bread – Wafers in oil were one of them

Fried treats – Oil with the Challos, oil from anointing

Sprinkle Cookies – The blood was sprinkled on the Mizbayach (you can find Pesach Sprinkle cookies as well)

Crushed candies – If the Karban touches the earthenware vessel it needs to be broken up

Red Powerade – blood from Karbanos

Fruit leather or fruit rollup – Skin from the Karbanos

Animal cookies -Karbanos

Jelly Belly – Fats of the animals were not allowed to be eaten

Fizzy bottles – oil poured on the Kohanim

Yellow Jump Drink or Apple Juice – looks like oil poured on Kohanim

Gushers – blood from Karbanos

Fruit Nuggets – the pieces of the karbanos broken up and brought on the Mizbayach

Candy Watches – They had to finish eating the Karban by a certain time

Candy bricks – The Mizbayach that the Karbanos were brough on

Mentos / Baby Fingers – The blood from the Karban that was brought to anoint the Kohanim was put on their ears, thumb and toes (Men”toes” “Fingers”)

FruZips – Moshe had to dress the Kohanim

Blaz N Blast Spray – the Karbanos were brought up in a fire and the Fire was always burning on the Mizbayach

Drizzlicious – the oil was drizzled on the Kohanim and the Mishkan

Carbonated Drinks like Soda, Seltzer, etc – “Carbon”os – (this is guaranteed to bring a smile on all faces)

Lip Candy – Persuade Aharon and his sons to come with words

Pesach Candy – Most of the breads brought with Karbanos were not allowed to be Chometz!

There are definitely more great ideas.... let's get some more please!!!


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Have a wonderful Shabbos!




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