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Parshas Ki Setzei

Le'iluy Nishmas: Gittel a"h bas Shraga Meir Hakohen

Le'iluy Nishmas Tziporah Chana a"h bas Yaakov Avraham Eliyahu

Zechus Refuah Sheleima: Refael ben Rivka Chana and Devorah Adina bas Chana Avigail

Zechus Refuah Sheleima: Tzvi ben Devorah -( B"H Tzvi is doing amazing - keeping on list until Daas Torah advises to remove)

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Parsha Overview (Feel free to skip straight to the Party below - simply click the arrow next to this text and the overview will disappear

In Sefer Devarim – also called Mishna Torah - Moshe Rabeinu recounts what happened in the Torah from the previous Sefarim for the generation that is about to enter the land of Eretz Yisrael and gives them many new Mitzvos as well. His Speech takes place for thirty six days straight - right before he passes away.

Ki Setzei

There are 74 of the 613 Mitzvos listed in this Parsha

Yefas Toar

Ki Seitzei means when you go out. The Parsha begins with the mitzvah of Isha Yefas Toar. When you go out to war and take captives there are laws pertaining to taking the Yefas Toar woman as a wife. These include shaving her head and growing her nails long. She has to change out of her pretty captivity clothing and cry for her parents for a month. After that she can become a wife to the person that took her captive if he still desires to marry her. If not he must send her away and not take or sell her as a slave.

Bechor from a despised wife

If a man has 2 wives and despises one of them but that is the wife that gives birth to his first born son, he may not take the rights of the bechora away from that son.

Ben Sorer Umoreh

If a man has a rebellious son that doesn’t listen to his parents and they warn him in front of 3 people and he doesn’t listen and there are 2 witnesses that see him going against the warnings then he must be brought to court and stoned publicly. In order to be a Ben Sorer Umoreh he must have ignored the warning not to steal his father’s money and have consumed a certain quantity of meat and wine that consider him a glutton and guzzler.

Killed by Beis Din

If a person was killed by Beis Din, they hang his body on a pole for the day but then they must immediately take it down to bury at night as leaving the body is a zilzul – degrading for Hashem.

Hashavas Aveida -If someone loses an animal, or clothing, or anything, you must return it to him.

Helping a fellow that is Struggling- If your brother’s donkey drops its load, don’t ignore it, go help him out to reload it!

Beged Ish/Isha - A woman may not wear men’s clothing and a man may not wear women’s clothing.

Shiluach HaKan – If you come across a nest with a mother bird and eggs/babies in it, you should not take them while she is in the nest. First send away the mother bird and then you can take and it will be good for you and lengthen your days.

Maakah – When you build a new house, make sure to put a fence around the roof so that nobody falls and dies.

More Mitzvos in the Parsha:

· Don’t Plant Klayim in your vineyard - meaning don’t plant different variety of seeds together

· Don’t pair up 2 different animals such as an ox and a donkey, to plow together

· Shatnez – do not wear garments that have wool and linen mixed together

· Make Tzitzis strings on your 4 cornered garments (even if they are wool and linen – Rashi. However, practically this is not held as permitted today).

· The Pesukim go through many forbidden relationships and marriages. Included here are not allowing a Mamzer (son of a union between a halachically married woman and another man) to marry a non- Mamzer for 10 generations. Additionally, to not allow a male from Moav or Ammon to marry a Jew because they were cruel and did not bring you bread and water when you came from Mitzrayim and they hired Bilam to curse you. Edom and Mitzryim may marry in (if convert) after the 2nd generation.

· You must keep your camp holy and clean up anything disgusting or unseemly for Hashem. Sometimes a person needs a mikvah and must leave the camp until he immerses. If a person uses the bathroom outdoors, they need to dig and cover over, as Hashem is with you and it is disgusting to leave it uncovered. You need to keep the camp holy.

· Included in being holy and keeping the camp holy are acting in ways of tznius and not having inappropriate relations.

· If a Jewish slave runs away from a not Jewish master, don’t give him over to the master and let him reside by you in refuge. (Another explanation is that the slave is referring to a Kanaani slave that ran away. - Rashi)

· You may not give Neshech/Ribbis – interest to a Jewish person. However, you may pay it to a non-Jewish person.

· Promises – if you promise to give something to Hashem, don’t delay in giving it. Best if you don’t make promises at all and are careful with what comes out of your mouth because you have to keep your promises.

· An employee should be permitted to eat while he is working. If he is working on a vineyard, he should be allowed to eat from the grapes there.

· If a man is halachically married to a woman, and the marriage goes sour and he wants to send her away, he must give her a Get – halachic divorce. If he divorces her and she marries another man, if the 2nd man divorces her or dies, she may not marry the first husband again.

· If a man just married a new wife, he does not go to war for the first year and instead should enjoy his new wife.

· A lender may not take utensils needed to prepare food as a security for getting his money back as he is taking the mans life as security since the person needs to eat to stay alive.

· A kidnapper that was warned and kidnaps and takes the person as a slave shall die

· Don’t try to hide the signs of Tzaraas if you get it, but follow all the halachos with it. Remember what happened to Miriam when she spoke Lashon Hara on the way from Mitzrayim to prevent you from speaking Lashon Hara.

· When you lend money, don’t enter the home of the person to take the security but instead let him bring it out to you.

· If a man is poor and you take a security deposit from him, return it by nightfall.

· Don’t withhold payment from a worker, especially if he is poor – pay him by nightfall.

· Don’t pervert justice especially with a Ger, orphan, and widow as they are easy to mess up justice against them.

· When you harvest your food, don’t get any forgotten food. Leave it for the widow, orphan, and convert. Same with extras in your olive tree and vineyard.

· There are laws of when a person gets malkos, lashes, from Beis Din. They don’t get more than 40 (or 39).

· Don’t muzzle an ox while it’s threshing grain


If a man is married and dies without children, his wife has the mitzvah of Yibum – to marry his brother and have a child that will help his name live on.


If the brother does not want to marry her, then she goes to the Beis Din, and says that the brother does not want to redeem her husband’s hosusehold. The wife then removes the shoe of her husband’s brother and spits before his face.

Weights and measures

Make sure your weights and measures are honest and not deceptive.


Remember what Amalek did to you on the way from Mitzrayim – wipe out the memory of Amalek!

(Adapted partially from, and The Pesukim and Rashi and Medrash Says)

And now for the fun part



  • · Ring pop/ Candy Bracelets / necklaces

  • · Chocolate coins / Money rolls

  • · Rainbow candy or pull and peel

  • · Birds Nest made of pretzels and marshmallows or jelly beans

  • · Egg Candy

  • · Shots Chocolates (note – these are milchig/dairy)

  • · Heart candies

  • · Lipstick Candy

  • · FruZips

  • · Salt Water Taffy / Cry Baby gum

  • · Bazooka gum

  • · Baby Bites / pacifier candy

  • · Air Heads

  • · Gummy lips

  • · Jolly Ranchers

  • · Sour Belts

  • · Swirl or Spiral pops

  • · Shock pops

  • · Coconut chocolates or white sprinkle non pareils

  • · Two Tone truffles

  • · Gummy Bones

  • · Fruit Attack

  • · Pretzel Squares

  • · Double bubble/ twozies

  • · Candy Laces

  • · Fruit Rollup

  • · Fruit by the Foot

  • · Rock candies

  • · Candy Spray


Ring pop/ Candy Bracelets / necklaces – A man can’t wear ladies garments. Also there are halachos pertaining to marriages and a man gives a ring to his kallah. Included here is a man that marries a new wife doesn’t go to war.

Chocolate coins / Money rolls – Laws of Ribbis, laws of paying workers on time, lending to a poor person – don’t take security deposit that he needs to live

Rainbow candy or pull and peel – forbidden mixtures weaved together like Shatnez and Klayim

Birds Nest made of pretzels and marshmallows or jelly beans – Mitzvah of Shiluach Hakan

Egg Candy – Mitzvah of Shiluach Hakan

Shots Chocolates (note – these are milchig/dairy) – A woman can not wear mens clothing – this includes carrying a weapon /gun that shoots

Heart candies – Man that got married in his first year he does not go to worry. Also if a man is at war and takes captives and wants to marry the Isha Yefas Toar because his heart is set on marrying her – he has to follow rules before he can marry her.

Lipstick Candy – The Isha Yefas Toar is dressed in makeup and pretty clothing when she is taken captive

FruZips / Gummy lips – Remember what happened to Miriam and don’t speak Lashon Hara. Also be careful what promises come out of your mouth.

Salt Water Taffy / Cry Baby gum – The Isha Yefas Toar cries and mourns her parents for a month to make he more ugly

Bazooka gum – The Ben Sorer uMoreh is a son that go Bazerks / Bazooka (crazy wild) and steals from his father and eats a certain amount of meat and drinks a certain amount of wine

Baby Bites / pacifier candy – If a woman is married and doesn’t have a baby and her husband dies she needs to do Yibum or Chalitza

Air Heads – The Isha Yifas Toar has to get her head shaved during the month she waits to be married

Jolly Ranchers – A man that got married has to be jolly and enjoy his wife the first year and does not go to war

Sour Belts – The beis din has to give 39/40 Malkos, lashes, to a person deserving this punishment

Swirl or Spiral pops - Shatnez

Shock pops – The Ben Sorer Umoreh acts in a shocking way

Coconut chocolates or white sprinkle non pareils – Be careful if you get tzaraas to follow the laws

Two Tone truffles - Shatnez

Gummy Bones – Beis Din would hang the body of a punished psn killed by stoning but they must take the bones down by nightfall to bury

Fruit Attack – Remember that Amalek attacked you – wipe them out

Pretzel Squares – Make a founce around the rooftop

Double bubble/ twozies – The double portion goes to the bechor even if the father hates the wife that gave him that son

Candy Laces - Tzitzis

Fruit Rollup – The document for a Get that a man must give if he wants to send his wife away and not be married

Fruit by the Foot – Chalitza – the wife takes off the shoe of her brother in law that doesn’t want to marry her to redeem her dead husbands name

Rock candies – Stoning is what is done to the Ben Sorer Umoreh. Also Weights and measures must be honest. Don’t use false stones and rock to deceive people.

Candy Spray – Need to clean up anything disgusting/dirty and not clean for the camp because your camp is holy and Hashem is with you.

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Have a wonderful Shabbos!



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