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Parshas Noach

Another great Parsha with many ideas for your Parsha Party.

Parsha Overview (Feel free to skip straight to the Party below)

The Parsha begins with Noach as a Tzaddik in his generation amongst a people full of corruption. Hashem commands him to build a wooden Teiva coated with pitch on both sides as He plans to bring a Mabul to destroy the world except for those inside the Teiva. Noach is told to bring his wife, his 3 sons Shem, Cham, and Yafes, and their wives, into the Teiva as well as a pair of every living creature and 7 pairs of Kosher animals. It rains for 40 days and nights and then another 150 days before the waters start to go down. Noach sends out a raven first to look for dry land with no luck. He later sends a dove again with no luck. The third time he sends a dove and it returns with an olive leaf in its mouth. He sends a fourth time and the bird does not return. When the ground dries Hashem tells Noach to leave the Teiva and populate the world. Hashem says he will never again destroy the world with a Mabul and uses a rainbow as the sign. Noach is taught that life is holy and that man cannot murder. Man can eat animal's meat but not while it is alive. Noach plants a vineyard and get's drunk from the wine produced and uncovers himself. His son Cham shames him while his other 2 sons Shem and Yafes walk backwards as not to see him and put a cover on him. Cham is cursed.. Ten Generations later the descendants of Noach decide to build a tower to the heavens to show their strength. Although they all speak one language, Hashem confuses their languages and they all now speak a different language and it causes them to end their tower building project. They spread out and split into seventy nations. The parshah then lists the 10 generations from Noach to Avraham. (Adapted from In a Nutshell by

And now for the fun part


  • Winkie money rolls (People were stealing and corrupt)

  • Graham Crackers (wood for the Teiva - for more fun you can melt chocolate chips and smear it on both sides as "pitch")

  • Chocolate covered Pretzels (Teiva coated with pitch)

  • Nutty Chews - (Teiva coated with pitch)

  • Chocolate covered wafers (Teiva coated with pitch)

  • Fruit by the foot (Measuring the length and width of the Teiva)

  • GoGo candies or applesauce- ("Go in to the Teiva!" - this is a good one for Lech Lecha as well and any command to "Go")

  • Jewel Pops (Rashi says that the Tzohar that gave them light in the Teiva was either a window or a gem)

  • Coffee beans - (Noach was up around the clock feeding the animals according to some commentaries)

  • Gushers (water gushing everywhere)

  • Raspberry candy spray (water sprayed out from the earth)

  • Any blue candies such as Oodles, Sippies, blue sucking candies etc (water from the Mabul)

  • Jelly Fish (fish that died in the Mabul)

  • Sour or Gummy bears (animals in the Teiva)

  • Bear Pops (animals in the Teiva)

  • Animal cookies/crackers (animals in the Teiva)

  • Black or Green Olives or Olive dip (The dove brought back and Olive leaf)

  • Once we're doing dips you can also do Chummus -as the word used to describe the people's bad deeds is "Chamas"!

  • YumEarth lollies (the earth dries up)

  • Rainbow sprinkle cookies (Rainbow the sign of no more destruction)

  • Rainbow Sprinkle cupcakes

  • Mini Rainbow Nonpareils

  • Rainbow Twizzlers

  • Rainbow sour belts or sour sticks (the Sour sticks package has an angry lion on it which can also represent the medrash that Noach was late to feed the lion and it hurt him).

  • Trainbow candies

  • Rainbow Fruit platter - You can create a beautiful rainbow out of fruit on a platter

  • Fruit Loops cereal You can also make rainbow necklaces with this - Thanks D.L. for the suggestion

  • Baby bites (Hashem told Noach to have more children to populate the world. Can also be used for the lion that bit Noach when he was late to feed him)

  • Grape Mike and Ikes (Noach plants a vineyard)

  • Grape Oodles (Noach plants a vineyard)

  • Jolly Ranchers - (Noach gets drunk and "jolly" from the vineyard)

  • Fruit roll ups (A cover for Noach when he got drunk from the vineyard)

  • Tall pack of pringles or stacked chips (Tower of Baval)

  • Air heads (The people that tried to build a tower to the sky)

  • Alef Bais Cookies (Their languages get mixed up)

  • Snack Mixes (Their languages get mixed up)

And just for fun

  • Fidget spinner candy (Cuz I'm sure they were fidgeting stuck in the Teiva for a year with all the animals and creatures!)

We would love to hear your additional ideas too! Please share them in the comments below! Don't be shy.

And of course tell us your favorite noshes from this weeks Parsha party!

Have a wonderful Shabbos!


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