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Parshas Mishpatim

Zechus Refuah Sheleima: Tzvi ben Devorah

Le'iluy Nishmas: Gittel a"h bas Shraga Meir Hakohen

Le'iluy Nishmas Tziporah Chana a"h bas Yaakov Avraham Eliyahu

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Parsha Overview (Feel free to skip straight to the Party below - simply click the arrow next to this text and the overview will disappear.)

The word Mishpatim means “laws”. After Hashem appears on Har Sinai, He gives over to them many of the laws of the Torah.

The laws include:

Eved Ivri (Servants/Slaves)

· How one becomes an Eved Ivri (A Jew that sells himself as a slave)

· The slave or maidservant must go free after 6 years

· If he does not want to go free they bring him to the doorpost and pierce his ear on it and he becomes a slave until the year of Yovel

Crimes against other people

· Someone that kills another person on purpose deserves to die

· Someone that accidentally kills someone needs to run to an Ir Miklat (Special refugee city) to save his life.

· One that hits his parents, kidnaps someone and sells him, or curses his parents deserves to die

· Someone that hurts another (like with a stone) he has to pay the damages caused. If he hits him with a stick or something strong enough to kill him and he dies, the killer deserves to die. If the victim doesn’t die, the criminal must pay the damages

o An Eye for an Eye, A Hand for a Hand, A foot for a Foot etc – to teach whatever the amount the person’s value decreased by loss of this limb

· One that hits the eye or tooth of his slave or maidservant must send the slave free

Animal or carelessness that causes death

· If someone’s animal kills someone, the animal gets stoned but the owner generally isn’t responsible

· If the animal has done it before the owner does have to try to prevent it from happening again and is responsible

· If someone digs a pit and doesn’t cover it and an animal falls in and dies, the digger is responsible to pay the damages

Stolen goods and damage

· If a person steals an animal and kills it or sells it – he must repay 5x the animal cost

· If it was a sheep, he must repay 4x the cost

· If an item was stolen, it must be repaid double

· If a person finds a thief digging a tunnel into his house and kills him, he is not held responsible. If it was in sunlight though and clear that he was not coming to kill the person yet he gets killed, the killer is held responsible

· If someone lets his animal loose in someone else’s field and it causes damage, he must repay the amount from the best of his own field.

· If someone sets a field on fire he is responsible to pay its damage

Being a shomer for someone else’s possesion

· An unpaid shomer is not responsible if something happens to the item

· A paid shomer is responsible if the item is lost or stolen but not if it was by armed robbery

· A borrower is responsible if something happens to the item (except if the owner is with him when it happens)

· A renter – it is not clear what his responsibility is. There is a machlokes if he is like an unpaid shomer or a paid shomer

Laws about a man that acts immoral

Law to kill a Machshefa - sourceress

Law to destroy one that brings sacrifices to Avodah Zara

Laws about kindness and caring

· There are 3 special groups of people that we must show extra kindness too – Geirim (converts), Widows, and orphans

· When giving loans we cannot charge Ribbis – interest

· If you take his clothing as security for payback, return it back to him by night as he has nothing else to cover him

· We cannot curse a judge or a Nasi (leader)

You must bring Bikkurim, take Teruma, and do Pidyon HaBen on your Bechor

More animal halachos

· You cannot bring an animal as a korban until it is 8 days old

· A treifa animal from the field – meaning that the animal was wounded and torn – you cannot eat and should throw it to the dogs

Court related laws mixed with other laws

· Do not be a false witness

· Do not accept false testimony

· Do not rule in favor of someone because they are poor

· If you see your enemy’s animal wandering – return it to him

· If you see the donkey of someone you hate with a burden to unload you must go and help alongside him

· Don’t taint judgement – judge fairly

· Stay far from lies and don’t kill an innocent person or a tzaddik

· Don’t take bribery

Shemittah, Shabbos, and Yom Tov

· For 6 years work the land and plant seeds and on the 7th year is shemittah – give the land a break and don’t work it

· For 6 days you will work and on the 7th is Shabbos you must rest

· You must celebrate 3 holidays for Hashem, they are Pesach, Shavuos and Sukkos

Milk and Meat

· Not Cooking Meat and Milk together

Hashem says he will send a Malach (angel) to lead them on the way to Eretz Yisrael and they must listen to him and Hashem will defeat their enemies.

Don’t serve the idols or follow the idolatrous ways of the nations in Eretz Yisrael before them and Hashem will bless your bread and water and will heal you.

Moshe writes down the words of Hashem and builds a mizbayach early in the morning and puts up 12 matzeva stones for the 12 shevatim and they bring sacrifices to Hashem.

The nation calls out Naaseh Venishma and Moshe sprinkles blood from the sacrifices to Hashem onto the people.

Moshe, Aharon and sons, and the Zekainim went up and peered towards Hashem and saw under his feet a likeness to a sapphire brick.

Moshe goes up on Har Sinai in a fiery cloud for 40 days and 40 nights to receive the Torah from Hashem and leaves Aharon and Chur in charge of the people.

Fun Fact: There are 53 Mitzvos in the Parsha 23 “עשה” and 30 “לא תעשה”.

(Adapted partially from, and The Pesukim and Rashi)

And now for the fun part



  • · Chocolate coins / Winkie Money Rolls / Dollar candies

  • · Shooter candy

  • · Hand Rock Paper Scissors Candy

  • · Fruit related candies - Fruit Nuggets/ fizzy fruits / Fru-zips / fruit chews

  • · Fruit by the foot

  • · Sweet tooth and paste candy (ask LOR about the blow whistle on toothbrush if ok for Shabbos)

  • · Cow Chocolate – (may not be in stores anymore)

  • · Torah Oodles

  • · Animal Cookies

  • · Candy Cane

  • · Choco NoNos

  • · Fizz Discs

  • · Baby Bites / jolly rancher bites

  • · Jelly belly

  • · Dazzlers

  • · Fruit gems (Sunkist) / Gem pops / Jewel Pops

  • · Twist Liccorice / twist top cookies

  • · Crayon candy

  • · Dr Pepper

  • · Double Bubble / Double chocolate cookies

  • · Big Dippers candy

  • · Lasso Candy

  • · Jaw breakers

  • · Shock Pops

  • · Sour sticks

  • · 12 pack cupcakes

  • · 5 pack / 4 pack / 2 pack snacks

  • · Rock Candy


Chocolate coins / Winkie Money Rolls / Dollar candies – Paying for damages and don’t take bribes

Shooter candy – If someone kills someone they must die

Hand Rock Paper Scissors Candy - Hand for a Hand

Fruit related candies - Fruit Nuggets/ fizzy fruits / Fru-zips / fruit chews – Bikkurim

Fruit by the foot – A foot for a foot, Moshe Aharon and Zekainim saw sapphire under the foot of Hashem and Bikkurim for fruit

Sweet tooth and paste candy (ask LOR about the blow whistle on toothbrush if ok for Shabbos) -if a master knocks the tooth of his slave he has to let him go free

Cow Chocolate – (may not be in stores anymore) Can’t mix milk and meat

Torah Oodles – The yidden hear the words of the Torah and said Naaseh Venishma

Animal Cookies – All the laws of animals in the parsha

Candy Cane – If someone injures another person and they can’t walk

Choco NoNos – all the Mitzvos that say “No”

Fizz Discs – If you throw a disc or frisbee and hurt someone

Baby Bites / jolly rancher bites – if an animal bites hurts etc a person and kills them

Jelly belly – If they get a whack in the belly and can’t work or die

Dazzlers – Don’t dazzle a judge and try to sway them in your favor

Fruit gems (Sunkist) / Gem pops / Jewel Pops – the Livnas Hasapir – sapphire that they saw when they looked towards the feet of Hashem

Twist Liccorice / twist top cookies – don’t twist the judgement in favor of a poor person

Crayon candy – Moshe wrote down the words of the laws of the Torah

Dr Pepper – Hashem will heal them if they listen when they come to Eretz Yisrael

Double Bubble / Double chocolate cookies – If someone steals an item they pay back double

Big Dippers candy – If someone digs a big pit and doesn’t cover it and an animal gets killed

Lasso Candy – Rashi says that when it says a person deserves to die it refers to chenek - strangling

Jaw breakers – If a person causes damage or breaks a limb he has to pay the value

Shock Pops – If a man is shocked to find a robber breaking into his house and kills him…

Sour sticks – If a person uses a stick that can kill someone

12 pack cupcakes – Moshe set up 12 Matzevos at the bottom of the mountain

5 pack / 4 pack / 2 pack snacks – the payback for animal stolen is 5x the amount, if it was a sheep it is 4x, and if it was an item it’s 2x the amount.

Rock Candy – if a man throws a rock at another man…

There are definitely more great ideas.... let's get some more please!!!


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Have a wonderful Shabbos!


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