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Parshas Mikeitz

Zechus Refuah Sheleima: Tzvi ben Devorah

Le'iluy Nishmas: Gittel a"h bas Shraga Meir Hakohen

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Parsha Overview (Feel free to skip straight to the Party below - simply click the arrow next to this text and the overview will disappear.)

Paraoh has a dream. He is standing by the (Nile) river and suddenly 7 beautiful fat cows come up. Next, 7 thin and ugly cows come up and swallow the 7 fat cows. Paraoh wakes up. He falls back asleep and has another dream. There are 7 healthy ears of grain. Suddenly 7 weak and beaten ears of grain come and swallow the healthy ones. Once again he wakes up. Paraoh calls together his advisors and magicians to interpret his dreams but none of them give a satisfying explanation. Suddenly the Sar Hamashkim remembers Yosef in prison interpreting his dream. He tells Paraoh about the Hebrew lad that interprets dreams correctly and Paraoh summons Yosef who shaves and changes his clothing to appear before the king.

Yosef tells Paraoh that it is really Hashem that will interpret the dreams. He explains that it’s really one interpretation that there will be seven years of plenty in the land followed by seven years of hunger. He advises Paraoh to gather and store grain during the 7 years of plenty.

Paraoh appoints Yosef as the lead officer over the land under him. He removes his ring and puts it on Yosef along with fine linen clothing and a golden chain on his neck. He rides him on a chariot through the land letting everyone know about Yosef’s new position. Paraoh says nobody may lift a hand or foot against Yosef and he names him Tzafnas Paneach. He also gives him Asnas, the daughter of Potifar, as a wife.

The years of plenty come and Yosef gathers an abundance of food and preserves it. During this time, he has 2 sons, Menashe and Ephraim.

Following the years of plenty, there was a sudden famine across the land, not just in Mitzrayim. All the Egyptians that had saved food found that their food rotted but Yosef’s stored food stayed fresh. The Egyptians all come to him for food which he begins to sell to them. Yaakov is in Eretz Canaan and the famine is there as well. He hears that Mitzrayim has food and is selling it. He sends 10 of his sons down to Mitzrayim to buy food but keeps Binyamin the youngest with him so nothing will happen to him. Yosef is the leader over all the land and he recognizes his brothers when they arrive, however they do not recognize him. He treats them harshly and accuses them of being spies. When they cry innocence and reveal that there is another brother, he tells them that they need to bring him there to prove who they are. The brothers begin to realize and discuss that they are being punished for selling Yosef. Yosef hears their conversation and they don’t know he understands Hebrew. He turns away and cries and then after returns back to them. He holds Shimon hostage in prison and sends them to fetch Binyamin while sending them with food for the way. He also had their money slipped back into their sacks.

The brothers come to Yaakov and tell him what happened and that the leader in Egypt demanded they bring Binyamin. Yaakov is upset and doesn’t want to send him. Yehuda ends up convincing him to send him, by offering his Olam Habah if he does not return. Yaakov tells the brothers to bring down with them a gift of balm, honey, wax, lotus, pistachios, and almonds, and to bring double the money as well.

They return to Yosef who calls them into his house for a meal. They are afraid that they too will be thrown in prison. However, they are surprised when Yosef greets them nicely and releases Shimon. He inquires about Binyamin and about how their father is doing. Yosef gets emotional when he sees Binyamin and he goes out to cry. He washes his face and returns He serves them food, seating the brothers according to their age, and they’re shocked how he knows it. The Egyptians eat in a separate area from the brothers. Each brother is served food and Binyamin gets 5 times more than everyone else. He has his men load up the brothers’ sacks with as much food as possible and secretly returns their money to them again. Additionally, he sneaks his silver goblet into Binyamin’s sack. He sends them on their way and then has his men run after them to accuse them of evil as they find the goblet in his sack and make them return back to him in shame. Yosef tells them he will let them all go but Binyamin must remain as his slave. (Adapted partially from In a Nutshell by

And now for the fun part


Paraohs Dreams

Cotton Candy (Clouds)

7 Fat cows and Skinny Cows come out of the water

Animal Crackers

7 jelly beans

Aqua Chews

Elite Bittersweet cow chocolate

Stalks of grain

Pretzel sticks (tied in a bundle)

Fruit sticls

Sour sticks

Paraoh gives ring to Yosef and necklace

Jelly rings

Onion Rings

Pretzel rings

Candy rings/ ring pop

Candy Necklace

No one may lift a hand or foot against Yosef

Fruit by the foot

Yosef gets married and has 2 sons

Mazel tov candy

Baby bites

Pacifier candy

Years of plenty


Yosef stores food in the ground to keep it fresh

Yum Earth lollies

Yosef turns and cries

Cry Baby gum

Tear Jerkers

Gushers (tears)

Heart pops

Yosef slips money back into their sacks

Money candy

Winkies Money rolls

Chocolate coins (Pareve)

Gelt taffies

Yaakov tells his sons to bring back a gift to Mitzrayim of balm, honey, wax, lotus, pistachios, and almonds, and to bring double the money as well.

Honey Cookies

Honey graham crackers

Lotus Cookies/spread

Pistachio nuts


Double Bubble

Yosef figures out how to seat them in order and they are puzzled

Puzzle candy

Fun Pops (having fin with them)

The goblet is dropped into Binyamins sack


Royal Donuts Munchkins in a cup

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