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Parshas Haazinu

Zechus Refuah Sheleima: Miriam bas Chana

Le'iluy Nishmas: Gittel a"h bas Shraga Meir Hakohen

Le'iluy Nishmas Tziporah Chana a"h bas Yaakov Avraham Eliyahu

Zechus Refuah Sheleima: Refael ben Rivka Chana and Devorah Adina bas Chana Avigail

Zechus Refuah Sheleima: Tzvi ben Devorah -( B"H Tzvi is doing amazing - keeping on list until Daas Torah advises to remove)

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Parsha Overview (Feel free to skip straight to the Party below - simply click the arrow next to this text and the overview will disappear

In Sefer Devarim – also called Mishna Torah - Moshe Rabeinu recounts what happened in the Torah from the previous Sefarim for the generation that is about to enter the land of Eretz Yisrael and gives them many new Mitzvos as well. His Speech takes place for thirty six days straight - right before he passes away.


Haazinu means listen. It is a Shira – song told over to the nation on the last day of Moshe’s life.

The song is divided into 6 Parts.

1. The Heaven and the earth are called out as witnesses that the Jewish People were warned to keep the Torah. Know that the Torah gives life just as rain gives life and the ways of Hashem are perfect. When you do Aveiros, and turn against the Torah it is your own fault.

2. Hashem’s Kindness to the Jewish People

3. The people will sin and rebel against Hashem and serve Avodah Zara

4. They will therefore be punished

5. Hashem proclaims that He should have destroyed the people but did not because the nations will claim victory and will be a chillul Hashem

6. In the end Hashem will punish the nations that persecuted the Jewish people.

Moshe together with Yehoshua teaches the Jewish people the song of Haazinu and explain that everything in the Torah has meaning.

Hashem tells Moshe to ascend Har Nevo and see Eretz Yisrael from afar and because he caused the nation to rebel against Hashem. He will then die a Misas Neshika (a death like a kiss from Hashem) there like Aharon did.

The Parsha more in depth:

♬-Moshe tells the people this song “Listen Up” – the Heaven and the earth are the witnesses that you were given the Torah and warned to keep it. The Lesson will drip like rain and the words flow like dew. Rashi says just like rain brings life, Torah brings life!

♬-When the Name of Hashem is called out, you need to say Amen – proclaim the greatness of Hashem.

♬-Everything Hashem does is perfect and just.

♬-When He brings destruction it is because you sinned and were twisted and corrupt. Hashem gave you so much and this is how you repay Him?

♬-Zechor Yemos Olam – you need to remember what happened to your forefathers. Learn the history and what Hashem has done for you!

♬- He set up boundaries in the land and gave you all a portion

♬- He found them in a desert wasteland and took care of them and gave them the Torah and protected them like the pupil of an eye and like an eagle awakens and protects its nest. An eagle carries its brook on its back to protect the babies from the arrows of man. In this way Hashem protected you alone without any help.

♬ -He gave them so much good and fed them honey from a rock and oil. He gave them the cream of the cattle and milk of the sheep, the fat of the lambs, Kidney sized wheat kernels, and grapes that made the finest wine.

♬-But as always, Vayishman Yehurun Vayivat – that when they are comfortable so much they kick and rebel against Hashem. They served Avodah Zara, made Hashem angry, and forgot what Hashem did for them.

♬- When Hashem saw this he said I will hide my face from them! He will set their land ablaze with fire and bring many bad things on them. He will make them sprout hair from famine and hunger, be attacked by forces and the teeth of animals as well as the venom of snakes.

♬- They deserved to be destroyed but if Hashem would do that then it would be a chillul Hashem as the enemies would claim that they did it and not Hashem.

♬-The nations that attack should be smart and realize that only Hashem can be in charge of what happens. They attack the Jewish People and Hashem will take vengeance on them and they will taste the bitter drink like the bite of a cobra.

♬-Hashem will judge the people and then they will see that their Avodah Zara was not there to help them. Only Hashem gives life and death.

♬- Hashems hands will be raised to the Heavens as a promise that He will revenge the enemies

- Moshe and Hoshea Bin Nun (Yehoshua) spoke the words of this song (Haazinu) to the people and tell them that they need to pay attention with their hearts to the words of the Torah which is not empty but it is their life.

-Hashem tells Moshe to go up on Har Nevo and see that land of Eretz Yisrael which he can not enter because he caused the people to rebel. Moshe will die there with the kiss of Hashem like Aharon his brother did, which is the most desirable way to die.

(Adapted partially from, and The Pesukim and Rashi and Medrash Says)

And now for the fun part



  • Heaven and Earth brand foods (Ices, Fruit Patches, Lil’ Taffies, Candies, Date Bites, Chips, Drinks)

  • Yum Earth Lolly Pops

  • Rainballs

  • Drizzilicious

  • Mountain Dew / Honey Dew Melon

  • Perfect Passion Fruit Sorbet

  • Twisters Wheels / Strawberry Twist / Twisty Pops

  • Flapy Taffy

  • Coffee Candies

  • Honey Cookies / Honey Sticks

  • Rock Candy

  • Cream Puffs / Cookies with Cream / Ice Cream / Whip Cream desserts – (Please note there is a machlokes if Whip Cream is allowed to be sprayed from a bottle on Shabbos. R’ Belsky Zt”l ruled that it is not allowed. Please only get a Shabbos nosh with cream already on it)

  • Milk Munches (Dairy)

  • Grapes / Grape flavor Candies

  • Jelly Beans

  • Fireblast Spray

  • Vampire Teeth Candy

  • Fat Free Candies/Cake/ Ice cream

  • Crazy Hair Candy /Soursticks / candy laces / Pull and Peel

  • Snake spray candy / rattle snake gummies

  • Candy Cane / Fizzy Cane

  • Outstretched Hand Candies (called Rock Paper Scissors Game Hand)

  • Cupcakes or a Bundt cake / Fruity peak

  • GoGo candies

  • Torah Oodles

  • Heart Candies


Heaven and Earth brand foods (Ices, Fruit Patches, Lil’ Taffies, Candies, Date Bites, Chips, Drinks) / Yum Earth Lolly Pops – Moshe Rabeinu begins the song of Haazinu with calling the Heaven and Earth as witnesses that they were warned to keep the Torah because the heaven and earth outlive man.

Rainballs / Drizzilicious / Mountain Dew / Honey Dew Melon – Moshe tells them “My lesson will drip like rain; my word will flow like dew” as he compares the Torah to rain which provides life.

Perfect Passion Fruit Sorbet – You must know that “Hatzur Tamim” – the ways of Hashem are perfect

Twisters Wheels / Strawberry Twist / Twisty Pops – The people that sin against Hashem are called “Eekesh Ufesaltol” – crooked and twisted people

Flapy Taffy / Coffee Candies – Hashem protects the nation like an Eagle awakens it nest with its wings – it hovers with its wings above the nest to wake them

Honey Cookies / Honey Sticks – Hashem will give the people so much good, they can suck honey from a rock

Rock Candy – Multiple times the word Tzur – rock is mentioned in the Parsha. Sometimes it refers to Hashem and other times its mocking the so-called rocks that are Avodah Zara that can’t protect anyone but people relied on. Also, they will suck honey from a rock.

Cream Puffs / Cookies with Cream / Ice Cream / Whip Cream desserts – “The Cream of the cattle” will be fed to them by Hashem in the land (Please note there is a machlokes if Whip Cream is allowed to be sprayed from a bottle on Shabbos. R’ Belsky Zt”l ruled that it is not allowed.)

Milk Munches (Dairy) – They will get the Milk of the sheep in the land

Grapes / Grape flavor Candies – They will get to drink the finest wine called the “blood of grapes”- grapes are mentioned other times in the Parsha as well

Jelly Beans – They will get to eat the kidneys of the wheat – jelly beans are shaped like kidney beans. The wheat kernels will be so big like the size of a kidney

Fireblast Spray – They will forget Hashem and He bring a fire to consume their land

Vampire Teeth Candy – They will be bitten my animal’s teeth for rebelling against Hashem

“Fat” Free Candies/Cake/ Ice cream – “Vayishman Yeshurun” when the people are fattened and provided with all the good that Hashem promised them then they get too comfortable and rebel

Crazy Hair Candy /Soursticks / candy laces / Pull and Peel – They will sprout hair from famine as a punishment the hair will grow on their bodies from hunger as punishment for rebelling

Snake spray candy / rattle snake gummies – The venom of snakes will be on them for rebelling

Candy Cane / Fizzy Cane – Zechor Yemos Olam – they are told to ask their fathers and elders and research what happened in the past generations

Outstretched Hand Candies (called Rock Paper Scissors Game Hand) – Hashem says I will raise my hand up to Shamayim and make a promise that I will pay back the enemies for hurting the people

Cupcakes or a Bundt cake / Fruity peak / GoGo Candies – Moshe Rabeinu is told to go up on the Mountain of Nevo to see the land and to pass away with the kiss of Hashem.

Torah Oodles / Heart Candies – Pay attention with your hearts to all the words of this song and keep the Torah for the Torah is your life and every part of it has meaning to it.

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