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Parshas Behaaloscha

Zechus Refuah Sheleima: Tzvi ben Devorah -( B"H we have seen major progress!!!)

Le'iluy Nishmas: Gittel a"h bas Shraga Meir Hakohen

Le'iluy Nishmas Tziporah Chana a"h bas Yaakov Avraham Eliyahu

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Parsha Overview (Feel free to skip straight to the Party below - simply click the arrow next to this text and the overview will disappear


Behaaloscha – means when you go up.

Aharon goes up to Light the Menorah

Hashem commands Aharon to go up and light the Menorah – all 7 lights. It is 6 branches facing the 7th in the center. Aharon does this and does not change one detail of what Hashem said (Rashi).

Making the Leviim pure for Serving

Aharon is told to take the Leviim (using words of praise – Rashi) and make them Tahor. Sprinkle them with Mei Chatas water, and shave all their hair, and wash their clothing and bring a special Karban. He must bring the Leviim in front of the Jewish people and they will put their hands on the heads of the Leviim and then Aharon lifts them up and waves them around. The Leviim need to put their hands on the Karban animal and then bring a Karban Chatas and a Karban Olah.

The Leviim are in place of the Bechorim

The Leviim will then serve and sing in the Mishkan in place of the Bechorim. The Bechorim had a special Kedusha to them when they were saved from Makkas Bechoros in Mitzrayim and they would have served in the Mishkan had they not messed up and served the Egel HaZahav. When this happened Hashem switched the Leviim that are so dear to him in the place of the Bechorim for the service.

They started at Age 25

The Leviim would serve starting at age 25. They would study the laws for five years and then start actually doing their service at age 30 to 50 in the Mishkan.

Karban Pesach

On the 2nd Day of Nissan Moshe was commanded that the Jewish People should bring the Karban Pesach on the 14th of Nissan. However, there were some men that were Tameh LaMeis – impure from coming in contact with the dead, at the time of the Karban Pesach.

Pesach Sheini

They approached Moshe and Aharon and said, “Why should we be left out from the Karban Pesach?” Moshe seeks guidance from Hashem. Hashem commands that anyone that was Tameh Lameis at the time of the original Karban Pesach, should bring the Karban Pesach instead a month later, on the 14th of Iyar.

The cloud over the Mishkan

When the Mishkan was set up, a cloud covered it by morning and a fire covered it at night and this is how it remained in the Midbar.

Cloud instructs when to travel or stop

When it was time to travel, the cloud would move. When it was time to stop the cloud would stop to let them know. It was how Hashem guided them with their travels. Some times the cloud would remain for many days and sometimes it was there for only a short time before they had to move again. As it says multiple times “Al Pi Hashem Yisu, V’al Pi Hashem Yachanu.”

Making the Chatzotzros

Hashem commands Moshe to form 2 silver Chatzotzros – trumpets to be used to alert the people to gather and to travel.

· If both are blown – the people should gather at the opening of the Mishkan.

· If only one of them is blown it is a sign for the Nesiim of each Shevet to gather.

· When a Teruah - multiple short sounds - is blown then it’s a sign to travel. First time for the east side. The second Teruah is for the south to travel.

· When they blow a Tekiah – One long sound – it is for the people to come and gather.

· If you have to go to war with your enemies, blow a teruah and Hashem will save you.

· On days of celebration and Chagim, you should blow the Chatzotzros with your Karbanos.

Traveling begins

And it happened on the 20th day of Iyar. The cloud rose up and the people traveled from Midbar Sinai towards Midbar Paran. They went in the formation that they were given – beginning with the camp of Yehuda and ending with the camp of Dan. (Rashi – Dan was the most numerous and they traveled last. They would pick up anything that the other camps left behind.)

Yisro wants to leave

Moshe tells Chovav the son of Reuel (who happens to be his father-in- law Yisro) to join them in their travel to the land of Eretz Yisrael. He thought they would be there in three days, as the people had not yet did the sin of the Meraglim. Yisro replies that he would like to return back to his own land. Moshe replies, “Please don’t leave us as we need you to be our guide in the Midbar and Hashem will grant you good if you come with us”. Yisro ends up going back home but leaves sons with the nation.

The Aron traveled 3 days worth ahead

They traveled a distance of 3 days from the mountain of Hashem. Rashi says that they traveled 3 days worth in one day. The Aron would travel ahead of them a 3 day distance to prepare a place for them to camp. And the cloud surrounded them. (Rashi it says about the cloud 7 times representing 7 clouds around them on all sides and leading them.)

Vayehi Binsoa Haaron

Next the pasuk of Vayehi Binsoa HaAron is written here surrounded by the letter Nun written backwards before and after it. Rashi/Medrash says that it is a Pasuk that really did not belong here but that Moshe placed it there to separate between 2 not good acts that the people did. Just a few days before this, they went running away from Har Sinai so they don’t get more Mitzvos to keep. And at their next location they end up complaining about the Man and asking for meat. Moshe wanted to separate the two episodes with a pasuk of honor for the people.

The Misonenim - complainers

There were people that were looking to complain about the traveling (The Erav Rav from Mitzrayim) and it angered Hashem. He sent down a fire to consume them in the camp. The people cried out to Moshe and the fire stopped. This place was named Taveira because a fire burned them there. (The Medrash says that the Zekainim – Elders – had deserved a punishment of death for looking at the shechina on Har Sinai. Hashem waited until he brought the fire on the complainers, and he took the Neshamos of the Zekainim as well.)

The Kivros Hataavah from Meat Desire

There was a group of people called the Asafsuf (Rashi – they were the Erav Rav from Mitzrayim) and they started to cry out for meat. They remembered the fish that they ate in Mitzrayim, as well as the cucumbers, watermelon, leek, onion and garlic. (According to Rashi these are all foods that the Mann could not taste like as they were harmful to nursing mothers). They complained that now, all they had was Mann and were dried out.

About the Mann

The Mann was like a coriander seed and it looked almost like a crystal. ( Rashi – round and like a precious stone). The people just had to gather it and it tasted as if it was ground and cooked into a cake with oil. (Rashi says that one explanation is it tasted like dough that was kneaded with oil and honey). The dew of the night would fall on the ground and the Mann would fall on top of it.

Moshe is upset that they are complaining

The complainers went out to complain about the Mann and lack of meat and were crying. Moshe got angry and discouraged and said I never wanted to be their leader! I can’t do this myself, its too much for me. Where can I even get meat for them? Hashem said he would send meat but that the people would die from it. Moshe did not want to see this and asked Hashem to kill him instead. (Rashi/Medrash)

Gathering new Zekainim

Hashem tells Moshe to gather 70 new Zekainim – elders – to help him out and bring them to the Mishkan. Hashem’s shechina will come down and speak to Moshe and the Ruach will spread also to the Zekainim.

Warning about the Meat to come

Hashem tells them to warn the people that He will send them meat for a month. It will be coming out of their noses, they’ll be so nauseated by it. Moshe replies that they will not be satisfied with anything. But Hashem insists.

Eldad and Meidad

Moshe goes out and gathers the Zekainim and they get Nevuah from Hashem. There were 2 men that remained in the camp named Eldad and Meidad and they started to get Nevuah as well in the camp. A boy runs to tell Moshe (possibly was Gershom his son) about it. Yehoshua Ben Nun hears the Nevuah and it is that Moshe will die and Yehoshua will bring them to Eretz Yisrael. (Rashi) Yehoshua is upset when he hears this and tells Moshe to throw them in prison! Moshe responds, don’t be jealous for me. I wish even more people got Nevuah!

The Slav come

The next day Hashem waited for Moshe and the Zekainim to go inside their tents and then he sent a wind from the sea that brought heaps of Slav - quail to the camp. The people ran out and gathered tons of it. While the meat was still in their teeth Hashem punished them and many died. The name of this place was called Kivros Hataavah because people died from their desire for meat.

From there they traveled to Chatzeros.

Lashon Hara by Miriam to Aharon

Miriam begins to speak bad with Aharon about Moshe that he separated from his wife Tziporah (the pasuk refers to her as the Kushis – the dark skinned one.) Miraim said why did Moshe have to separate from her. We also have Hashem speak to us and we are still married. But Moshe was the greatest Anav – humble person of all the people and he did not respond. Instead Hashem responds and tells them all they must leave the Mishkan. He then speaks separately to Miraim and Aharon so as not to speak Moshe’s praise in front of him. (Rashi) He tells them that most Nevuah can only be received in a dream. But Moshe is different. He gets Nevuah with clarity! Mouth to mouth from Hashem and in a clear vision, not a dream of riddles. How can you dare speak bad about Moshe. Hashem got angry at them and left them.

Miriam gets Tzaraas

The cloud leaves from on the Mishkan and suddenly Miriam is covered in Tzaraas white like snow. Aharon sees it and they are devastated. Someone that is a Metzorah is compared to a dead person. Aharon begs Moshe to forgive them and daven for Miriam and Moshe cries out “Kel Nah Refah Nah Lah!” Hashem please heal her!

Miriam is sent out of the camp and the people wait

Hashem tells Moshe that she needs to be sent out of the camp for 7 days. The nation waited for Miraim’s tzaraas to heal and did not travel.

Next they traveled from Chatzeros to Midbar Paran.

(Adapted partially from, and The Pesukim and Rashi and Medrash Says)

And now for the fun part



  • Chocolate coins with Menorah

  • Sparkling water/flavored seltzer

  • Soursticks or lasso candy or cool hair candy

  • Wafers

  • Nosh that comes in pack of 2

  • Kosher L’Pesach Candy

  • Cotton Candy or Marshmallows

  • Fire Blaster Sour spray

  • Lip candy

  • Trumpet Corn Snacks /Beegle snacks

  • Big Birds Drinks

  • Meat Board

  • Jelly Fish

  • Watermelon

  • Pickles

  • Onion Snow Flakes snack

  • Snow Cones (ices)

  • White powdered doughnuts, munchkins, noshkins

  • Double Chocolate Chip cookies

  • Honey Cookies or candy

  • Cole Slaw

  • Sunflower or watermelon seeds


Chocolate coins with Menorah – Aharon goes up to light the menorah. If the coins are silver – the Chatzotzros are made from silver

Sparkling water/flavored seltzer – The Leviim drink Special water to make them pure

Soursticks or lasso candy or cool hair candy – The Leviim have all their hair shaved off

Wafers - The Leviim are waved around while being made pure to serve

Nosh that comes in pack of 2 - Pesach Sheini

Kosher L’Pesach Candy – Pesach Sheini and Karban Pesach

Cotton Candy or Marshmallows – The Clouds that were on the Mishkan, traveled with them, protected them

Fire Blaster Sour spray - The cloud turned into fire at night. Also a fire came down and consumed the Erav Rav that were complaining in Taveira

Lip candy - They traveled Al “Pi” Hashem. Also Miriam spoke LH. Also Moshe got Nevuah Peh el Peh.

Trumpet Corn Snacks /Beegle snacks - Chatzotzros

Big Birds Drinks – the birds that Hashem brought as meat called Slav

Meat Board – The people complained for meat!

Jelly Fish, Watermelon, Pickles - They Erav Rav complained that they missed the food in Mitzrayim. Fish, Cucumbers, Watermelon, Leek, Onion, Garlic. These are all things that the Mann could not taste like

Onion Snow Flakes snack - Miriam Got tzaraas like snow for speaking Lashon Hara. Also Onion flavor the Mann could not taste like and the Erav Rav complained

Snow Cones (ices) – Miriam got Tzaraas like snow

White powdered doughnuts, munchkins, noshkins - Miriam got Tzaraas that was white like snow

Double Chocolate Chip cookies – Pesach Sheini – a double chance to bring Karban Pesach for someone that was Tameh

Honey Cookies or candy – The Mann tasted like a honey and oil dough

Cole Slaw – Slav

Sunflower or watermelon seeds - The Mann was like a little seed and couldn’t taste like watermelon

There are definitely more great ideas.... let's get some more please!!!


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Have a wonderful Shabbos!



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